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10 Amazing European Islands That You May Not Know About

Com o título "10 Amazing European Islands That You May Not Know About", a ilha Branca é destaque no site de viagens "The Points Guy".

O artigo destaca,  a Furna do Enxofre ( Grutas de enxofre ) com cerca de 330 metros de profundidade, a nomeação pela UNESCO da ilha como Reserva da Biosfera e as famosas fontes termais em Carapacho, e os seus benefícios para doenças de pele e ossos.

Aqui fica o artigo:

5. Graciosa, Portugal. The second smallest of Portugal’s nine Azores Islands, Graciosa is called the “White Island” because of its large number of whitewashed houses and villages. In the island’s interior sits the caldera of a former volcano, where the Furna do Enxofre (Sulfur Caves) are found about 330 feet deep in the earth, along a tunnel leading to an underground lake filled with cold sulfur water. These and other geological wonders have inspired UNESCO to name the island yet another Biosphere Reserve. Closer to the surface, the famous hot springs at Carapacho are thought to have healing waters beneficial to those with skin and bone diseases. There are only a few hotels on the island, but try the Casa das Faias for a relaxed, local feel. From most of the other Azores you can fly non-stop on Portuguese carrier Sata into the island’s small Graciosa Airport (GRW), but if you’re coming from Lisbon (LIS), you’ll have to stop at João Paulo II Airport (PDL) on the island of São Miguel before continuing on to Graciosa.

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