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Azores Vacation Travel Video Guide !

The Azores, nine islands set in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean, between America and Europe and a subtropical paradise in the eternal blue of the Atlantic Ocean. The largest and most densely populated island is that of São Miguel, gateway to the Azores and named after Saint Michael as it was discovered on his feast day. The warm waters of the Gulf Stream surround dormant volcanoes and steaming geysers around the opulent green of the tropics and, in between, monasteries and settlements. Lagoa owes its name to a lagoon which extends in front of Santa Cruz Church. Of the former fishing village, just a tiny port remains where fisherman mend their nets ready for the next catch. The idyllic crater lake, Furnas, is surrounded by forests and the presence of steam. Within its caldeiras, boiling hot water from over a hundred metres below penetrates the surface and creates bubbles in the mud plus sulphurous fumes. Horta is the capital of the island of Faial and since 1976 has also been the seat of the Azores’ parliament, with elegant town houses, churches and palaces. The Matriz De São Salvador Church was built by the Jesuits until, in 1759, the Order was banned by the Portuguese. Gilded carvings adorn both the main and side altars and numerous figures represent scenes from the life of Ignatius Von Loyola, founder of the Order. With their authentic nature and harmony, the Azores islands are still waiting to be discovered. Islands that hold the secrets of nature and an abundance of local pride. Evergreen jewels set amid an azure ocean!

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