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Fantástica caminhada até a Fajã de Santo Cristo na ilha de São Jorge

Veja esta aventura de uma família de velejadores que estão a passar uma temporada nos Açores.

"It's truly one of the best walks we have done. What is this place?? We go on a massive descent down the hills of Sao Jorge, hiking on to a little surf village. The Azores have been dotted by these beautiful settlements by the sea but this one might just take the cake. Possibly because it took such a big effort to get there. The people living there are seriously remote, what a place to live. The Azores though, seriously, nicest people you'll meet in the world. We've been helped out of a jam more than a couple times, thanks once again to the kind folk of the middle Atlantic. And thank you guys for tuning in with us today!"

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